Collection of iPhone smileys & people emojis for use as Facebook & Viber stickers, email emoticons & text messages.

The iOS smileys people emoji page has emojis which can be used in your conversations to spice them up and make them more fun. Express your happiness, sadness, laughter, boredom and confusion with our emojis in your conversations. They are applicable for various social media and messaging platforms use them to share expressive content to readers in your blogs.

Use Apple smileys people emojis for Facebook conversations and iOS smileys people emojis for text messages. This section is perfect for you if you are looking for the characteristic yellow faced emojis. Make your conversations more fun with the Apple smiley people emojis and let your loved ones know what you are feeling without too many words.

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Use our smiley faces for any conversation whether social media or emails to make them cooler. They can be used in your ordinary messages too. To use them, simply copy and paste Apple smileys people emojis on to the platform you are using. Use iOS smileys people emojis for emails to make them livelier and also the Apple smileys people emojis for blogs to make them more appealing to readers. The emojis help give a casual feel when used and this helps building conversation and liveliness. Select any of the emojis listed for a fun and interesting chat experience with your buddies.